List similar jobs

Here's an example code of how to show similar jobs inside a single job post

To show similar jobs inside a job post you can utilize the similarJobs field, which is an array of job post ID's that are similar to the active job post.

<?php if( ( $similar_jobs = get_jobpost( 'similarJobs' ) ) && is_array( $similar_jobs ) ) : ?>
    <div class="col-section similarJobs">
        <h3>Liknende stillinger</h3>
        <?php foreach( $similar_jobs as $similar_job_id ) : ?>
            <a href='<?php the_jobpost( 'permalink', $similar_job_id ); ?>'>
                    <img src="<?php the_jobpost( 'logo', $similar_job_id ); ?>"
                                 alt="<?php the_jobpost( 'companyName', $similar_job_id ); ?>">
                    <h4><?php the_jobpost( 'name', $similar_job_id ); ?></h4>
                    <span><?php the_jobpost( 'title', $similar_job_id ); ?></span>
        <?php endforeach; ?>

<?php endif; ?>

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