Plugin vs RecMan API

What are the benefit of using this plugin vs creating your own integration with the RecMan API?

Automatic Caching

The RecMan API has a limit on 200 free requests per day. You therefor need to cache data in order not to exceed the limit. The pluign automatically caches data for you. No configuration is needed. You will not exceed the limit of 200 requests per day.


The plugin will automatically translate values for you. We currently support:

  • English

  • Norwegian

  • Swedish

New languages will be supported on request.

Automatic mapping of data.

For some fields, the API will return fixed values which needs to be translated. Some fields will only give you ID's which needs to be mapped with other API scopes. The plugin will automatically map these data for you.

Faster and cleaner code - Less verbosity

Code must be validated. This is an example of using API data.

<h1><?php if( ! empty( $job['name'] ) { echo $job['name']; } ?></h1>

With the plugin.

<h1><?php the_jobpost('name'); ?></h1>

SEO Friendly

Usually, when developers create their own API integration they get URL's like: By using the plugin you get SEO friendly URLs like

Also, the plugin will create meta-data for social media, using the social media settings in the job post.

Creating filters is easy

The plugin handles all filtering easily. Do you want the user to filter job posts by its branches. We have some quick code to handle this: Please see Filtering Job Posts.

Keep your site updated

We update the plugin frequently. It will be updated through the Wordpress plugin manager, for some sites this is handled automatically. If we have depricated functions, we will let everyone know in advance. Which leads us to:

Backwards compatible

We will strive to keep the plugin backwards compatible. Which means that the code you have added to your templates should not break, even if the API has changed. Also, even if the API has a new version.

Cleaner HTML version of the body (job post description)

The WYSIWYG editor in Recman creates a code that is not so well suited to just add to a website. The plugin will clean up the code, makes it follow a HTML5 standard as well as cleaning up code, so it will be easier for designers to create a good looking page.

Additional helper data added

Need an excerpt? The plugin got it. Want to include free-text search for all job post values and texts? The plugin has it. Need more? Contact us, we are happy to add useful features.

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