Add a job post feed

Make sure the plugin is installed and activated. Check the «View Cache» menu in the plugin to verify that the plugin has fetched data.

Easily incorporate job posts into your page template using a loop, similar to the WordPress post loop:

# Making sure the plugin is active and that job posts are available
if( function_exists('have_jobposts') && have_jobposts() ) :

     # loop through each job posts
    while( have_jobposts() ) : the_jobpost();

        # Print the job post title


else :

    echo "No job posts available.";



Additional options

Limit number of jobs in feed

You can limit the number of job posts in the feed by adding a limit count (integer) to the have_jobpost function. You only need this when checking if feed has posts.


# Check if there are any job posts available, limit the feed to # of posts. 
if( function_exists('have_jobposts') && have_jobposts( 10 ) ) : :

Reset loop - If adding multple loops on your WordPress site.

Call the reset_jobpost_loop() method before calling a new loop.

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